Heather Fein

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I know the depths of depression, anxiety and pain life can toss at us. I’ve buried my mom and son, been through 2 divorcees, confronted sexual trauma in the family, and experience the challenges of raising a special needs step-daughter.

But I also know the joyful healing that comes out of rebuilding and healing the parts of us that are broken! I’m happy to say that through my own healing I’ve been able to truly help my clients heal the past, recover who they are, and pave a new way.

Through healing rituals, deeply personal guidance, and unwavering support, we’ll tackle life’s pains together and rejuvenate your spirit!

Who am I?

I’m a mom, wife, soap maker, magic ritual guide, and facilitator of meaningful healing!

But I’d like to think I’m so much more than a mouthful of descriptions, in fact, most would argue I’m a great referee, mediator, fixer, and trusted friend!

Magic and Spirituality has always played a big part in my life, even as a young girl; apothecary, resins, crystals, and herbs were as natural to me as brushing my teeth! I didn’t take a weekend workshop to develop these skills, they’ve naturally existed within me since I got here! Authentically rooted I straddle the invisible line between science and magic - from soap making to client healing rituals, I’m as real as they get!


Before deciding to work with me, I urge my clients to take into consideration these two elements.

  • I respect the tools and history of magic, as should you, especially if it’s a serious consideration in your healing journey. Magic rituals are powerful - the history of where it came from, and the ability for me to use it today came at a tragic price for many. It’s important to respect the rich history and power it holds and not disrespect the process, materials, or rituals presented to you during our work together.

  • I also want my clients to understand that magic isn’t this bad or evil, (it can be in the wrong hands), but for most of us, and certainly myself, we’re simply tapping into source and using what the earth has provided to heal physical and emotional pain and/or protect from further damage. Essentially, magic is a beautiful way to draw in source, guides, and the natural solutions to heal and restore our spirit! Magic is certainly not what it was described to be in history and is nothing to be fearful of in the right hands!

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What pains exist in your life?

How would it feel to be free of it once and for all?

How Can I Help?