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Dude... where the fuck did you go?

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Hey gang... it's me, Heather. 

I know you haven't really heard from me in a while. You must be wondering wtf I went. Me too! Seriously... I knew I'd taken some time away, did not realize it's been since October since you've heard from me.

Well, let me fill you in a bit.

The first week of November we moved (yes again, we'd just moved in August), and had an event that I was vending soaps at that I had to finish preparing for. I think I made something like 500 bars of soap over the course of 10 days. Needless to say, that about did me in. There were a couple of small injuries that happened as well. 

After that came the holidays. The first without mom around. Between all of the hectic hurry up that happened with the move and the vendor event, I gave myself permission (see last post about permission slips) to sit down and just 'be' through December. After that much go go go, a break was most definitely warranted. I also spent a bunch of time decluttering, in the physical sense of stuff, and the electronic sense of 'friends', groups, and email lists. December was akin to the great purge

Like most of you, I had big plans for January. I was going to get all my stuff wrapped up and finished and put out there and hit the new year running.

Until I didn't. The podcast still hasn't started recording (though it is still in the works). The quarterly subscription box filled with three months worth of soaps and a journal isn't launched yet. The post that I've been working on in my head are still right there in my head too. 

Here we are now SIX days into February and I'm just now getting this year started. 

Don't worry though, I'm back, I'm here, and I'm committed to bringing you the insights and lessons that have been promised. 

Buckle up buttercups...momma's back!

Permission Slip

Heather Fein

Well here we are adulthood… that middle point in life you thought you wanted oh so bad, and yet, what the actual fuck happened? Like someone lied to me about this “growing up” shit…. They told me it was fun, that there were prizes to be had, that rankings matter, that there are grown-ups out here showing us what to do…. These fuckers LIED TO ME!!!!

But then again, if you’re reading this, they probably lied to you too.

You know what else they lied about? Well, ok, maybe a few things they’ve lied about:

  1. That there are rules. Nope, there aren’t any. There are laws, there are guidelines, there are niceties and edquite, but rules? Nope… none. The only rules are the ones that YOU have formulated in your own mind about what you think is supposed to be important. Go rewatch The Matrix if you don’t believe me. There’s a great scene where Neo is first learning JuJitSu…

  2. Someone is handing out permission slips and gold stars. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no such thing as “permission slips” in grown up land, and gold stars? You’re fucking insane if you think those puppies are real. The only prizes are the ones that matter to you. Those quiet moments with a favorite book, tipping an extra $50 for excellent service, extra snuggles with a loved one… those are the gold stars. Those are the rewarding moments in life. Seek more of those…

  3. You can’t say “fuck”. Y’all remember the first time you dropped a curse word in front of your mom and you thought the world was going to end? That moment when you wanted with everything inch of your soul to take that sound and swallow it back down…. And yet, here we are, decades later, still on planet Earth. Sure, mom may have given some sort of punishment (or not) as a way to preserve her sense of normal, but we all had that one friend who’s house sounded more like a tavern than a PTA meeting… nothing happened to them either. Speak with confidence in the words you choose… and stop filtering yourself...

Look… what it comes down to is making up your own rules, your own code of ethics, making your own definitions about what matters and what doesn’t. The sooner we stop waiting for the hall monitor to check our hallpass in life… the sooner we are truly free to be ourselves.

This is as much to me as it is to you, oh faithful reader. This is the nudge to go do the things you say you plan to do, because I’m not waiting around anymore…. Are you?

All of the Things

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Oh I’m having a day today… we didn’t get much sleep last night and had to be up early this morning. Our country is living a nightmare of apathy and destruction like we have never seen in our living memories. Hundreds of people are dying or on the verge of dying in Puerto Rico due to sheer incompetence of our current administration. Every day there’s something more to be outraged over on the national level.

And that doesn’t even get into the shit storm that is my personal life this year. In March, my mom last her battle with lung disease; on Sunday, my husband’s grandmother lost her battle with cancer; and my aunt’s partner of the last several years is down to his final moments as well. My grandfather has been placed in assisted living, started to deteriorate rapidly from “failure to thrive”, was placed into Hospice care (can never say enough good things about Hospice), and has now improved so much that he’s been released from Hospice…

Needless to say, it’s been a year...and we’re not even halfway through October.

There are some that know how much has been happening, but not many, as I tend to not discuss these things openly. Even now I am hesitant to mention all the other little things that have piled up, the crazy former landlord who took us to court for being 6 days behind in rent, watching my dad start dating again, our daughter moving into her own place with her boyfriend...the list is extensive.

Yet here I am, feeling stronger, more stable, more clear, more grounded, and certainly more connected than I ever have. For someone who once took nearly a dozen medications just to attempt living, being med free and this secure is liberating.

It sure as shit didn’t happen overnight, all at once, or after reading a book/taking a class/ endless therapy. It is a result of pure determination to not live that way any more. It has been a process of ups and downs, fuck ups and wins, lost friends and new connections.

It has been a seemingly endless pursuit trying to discover who I really am, what I really want, and most importantly what I believe in/stand for.

There are plenty of little things I do every day that keep me going. Little acts, of what some have hijacked into self care marketing, which are truly taking care of myself. Finding the wins through the chaos of the day, getting fresh air, paying attention to how my body reacts to food… all those things that have become about the care and keeping of me.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll start talking more and more about these daily rituals I’ve created for myself. They’re all little things that most of us are doing already, but not giving ourselves the credit we deserve for doing them…. OR…. we keep being told we “should” be doing them, aren’t, and then adding to the guilt and shame that is keeping us depressed, anxious, and weighed down by life.

I invite you to follow along and post your comments too. Let’s start having some real, honest discussions about what it means to be truly taking care of our self and stop with the bullshit idea that self care has to be elaborate and/or costly.


Heather Fein

Have you ever seen that meme about life throwing curve balls your way, and instead of being upset or thrown off, you yell “plot twist” and move on?

Well that’s happened here.

Here’s what we know:

We know that I, Heather, me, the person writing this, is highly intuitive and connected to the 5D world (I know, I need to come back to writing more about that)

We know that in my sessions work with women, I’m always coming up with suggested tools and rituals to help move through the day to day shit

We know that I believe in going way deeper than most readers go and that most who come to me (for now) are nowhere near ready to hear the messages awaiting them

We also know that I enjoy making things and being creative….

So here’s what’s happening.

I’m retiring readings unless I feel like doing them for fun...because hey, if it’s not fun it’s not worth doing.

I have released a self care journal (two years in the making), I’m taking my soap making hobby and bringing it to life (omg you have to try these), I’m making my own candles, and tons of other products are in the pipeline.

We’re going to work to connect you back to YOU, bring some ritual and magic into your daily lives, and we’re going to make this world a better place….

Because damn it’s sure gotten dark out there.

Stay tuned folks, the only way from here is UP!

Time Has No Meaning

Heather Fein

Time has no meaning.

Let me say that again.

Time has no meaning.

Time as we know it here in the 3D world is an arbitrary unit of measure.  That is it. Nothing more nothing less.  Much like an inch or a foot or a meter, time is a way to measure distance and space.

Now I know, the electric company sure likes to remind us of how much time we have until they want money. So does the credit card company, the water company, your employer… almost everything we do here on planet Earth is related to a clock.

The atomic clock measures the distance of space between a constant event. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks… all units of measure.

In the 5D realm, where energy rules, time has no relevance. 5D beings do not have an understand or use for time. It is useless once you get to that dimension.

I hear you reading this… “what the actual fuck crazy lady!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

Don’t worry, I’ll post more about this 3D world/ 5D realm stuff in the coming weeks. I promise. It makes sense once you can see it. Short version, energy workers/healers (psychics, card readers, mystics, oracles, etc) all tap into this 5D energy to get our information.

What does this mean for you?

Well it means sometimes the information we get doesn’t fit into our idea of time.

Sometimes what feels like it is happening soon (whatever that really means) is further off than gets interrupted.

And sometimes, it happens to more than one of us at a time.

I have had a lot of private and semi-private conversations lately with other seers… and we are *all* saying the same thing. The information we’ve gotten for the last 6 months or so seemed to be ‘off’ in the terms of time and timing. It’s like there has been some strange logjam in the energy fields.

Don’t worry though, this logjam seems to be breaking up, albeit a bit slower than most of us would like.

Have patience (yes, I laugh at this too), the things you’ve been wanting or been told are coming are still in the works. The Universe has a sense of humor and is working out the details. And the more we can relax the sooner it will all happen.  

After the Storm

Heather Fein

Interesting little something I've learned over the last week and may pertain to anyone impacted by these storms.

Barometric pressure does strange things to the body and emotions.

I'm sure you've heard people saying they can feel a storm coming. Or seen animals acting strange when the weather makes a sudden shift.

Well, our bodies go through the exact same thing.

If you’ve been more irritable than usual

If you’ve had more aches and pains than you’re used to

If you’re feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or overall plain off….

First of all, you’re so not alone in feeling that way

Secondly, normal (what the hell ever that actually is) is coming back to us. Slowly, but it is returning.

I’m here to say to you… it will all make sense soon. Those things you’ve been questioning, those odd feelings in the gut, those random but not random signs… their meaning is coming.

And if you need help figuring it out, or want some clarity around it, drop me a note or schedule a session and we’ll see what we can pull together.

It's time...

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Dear Friend,

I see you out there trying to make it in the independent world. You have products and creations...beautiful works even. The types of works that belong in galleries, in magazines, on the national and international scenes. The types of works that belong in retail markets. The types of works that bring so much joy and wonder to the world.

I see you hopping from job to job, fighting to make ends meet.

I see you struggling to find that big break.

I see you sharing your talents and passions.

And I see you longing for the days of ease and flow.

I see you raging against the mechanics of our world.

I see you burnt out on this guru and that guru.

I see you aching for a different way of life.

And yet, I see you doing the same things over and over again.

I see you making the same excuses.

I see you applying to the same types of places.

I see you keeping the same people around you.

I see you as a walking contradiction, begging for help yet pushing away the offer of assistance.

How much longer are you planning to continue on this path?

How much longer are you going to allow these cosmic nudges to go unheard?

How much longer are you willing to live the way you are?

What will it take to make a change?

What are you willing to do differently?

What is keeping you from saying YES to the life that awaits?

When you are ready, let me know...we'll answer these questions and more...

Death, the Eclipse, and the days ahead

Heather Fein

Have you noticed the number of celebrity deaths over the last few days? While most were much later in age, 70’s and above, there does seem to be a string of them happening. (thankfully not as tragic as what 2016 brought us) And it seems that death is coming to those who were our voices in the past, from comedians and game show hosts, to writers, radio hosts, and journalist.

The space between the lunar eclipse back on August 7th and the solar eclipse on August 21st has been referred to by many as a “portal”. The two week space in time where energy and power is shifting. Even if you have tried to deny it, it’s happening (like climate change).

This portal has shown us many dark things we have tried to deny time and time again.  The darkness in the United States certainly made itself known to even the most adamant of deniers. Even Doreen Virtue has renounced “new-ageism” in favor of being “born again” Christian, showing tens of thousands of her followers (whom she’s made millions from) the charlatan that she is.

My guess is that there are those in your direct personal life that also seem to be showing their true nature recently too. From red flags in relationships, to deeper connections with friends and acquaintances, all is being revealed.

This time between eclipses is the perfect time for letting go of old hurts and beliefs; for putting down the past and making room for the next phase of our life.

Here are a few things you can still do to take full advantage of this energy window:

  1. Write down all of the hurts and shit from the past that no longer serves you, take it outside and burn it. Make it is as extortionate or simple as you like, detailed or not does not matter. Envision the issue becoming ashes and blowing to the winds, leaving its presence from your life. In the words of Elsa, “let it go”.

  2. Spend some time reflecting on where you are in life and where you want to be.  What’s working for you? What’s working against you? Are the people around you those you have chosen or have they gotten there by default? Are there some it is time to leave behind? Some you wish to become closer to? Is it time for a career change?

  3. Get creative. Do something *fun* and expressive. Paint, draw, write, dance, it doesn’t really matter what.  Just get that creative energy flowing. The more we keep it bottled up there more it festers inside us. And anything festering is never good for long.

The most important point of all, above all else, remember to get outside and enjoy the day. Even if you don’t buy into all this “energy stuff”, don’t sit inside and ignore it all. (weather permitting of course) If it’s shitty or cloudy or you’re stuck at your cubicle, find a live stream.  Allow yourself to be distracted from the chaos around you for even a tiny bit.

And if you need help or guidance through this process, I’m always here to help.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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The Darkness is coming… actually, to be more fair, it has always been here.  However, many have turned their backs to it, as if it were something that could be ignored or illuminated beyond.

Without darkness there is no light. Without life there is no death. Without pain there is no joy.

We can no longer walk this earthly realm and see only one side of things, and we most certainly cannot deny the existence of one or the other.

Along the way many of us have been taught that there is good and evil and one must prevail over the other.  Yet, when we look around, it is obvious they are two sides to the same coin.  They are the Yin and the Yang, the male and the female, the up and the down.

It is the contrast between the two, light and dark, that space in between the extremes where life exists. That space where we stretch and breath and find the edges of what guides us.  That space where we make our choices and suffer the consequences/ reap the rewards.

It is not an either or proposition. It is what is.

Both are in equal parts, both are necessary components to our earthly experience.

To heal the wounds, we must tackle them head first. We do not have the luxury of ignorance to the pain and suffering that has taken place. (and let’s face it, mankind has produced quite a bit of suffering throughout the millennium) And until we stop causing more suffering, the suffering will not end.

A few years ago I stopped saying “love and light” because frankly it’s bullshit. What the fuck is “love and light”? What does that even mean? We can send love, we can shine light, but what are you trying to say here?

Darkness is not eroded by light. Darkness does not end with light. Darkness is a constant...the same as light. You can aim light in different directions, and light does not end. (which, is why science uses light to measure space/time, but that’s another discussion for a different time)

What can you do today to honor the darkness? Are you even willing to see it? Darkness is all around us. It is time we give it the same love we have given the light.

Time of Transformation

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Transformation is all around us. The next several months are all about “out with the old”. This past weekend was a new moon. New moon’s are when we plant the seeds of our intentions for the coming period...sometimes weeks, others months. This is about being clear of our goals and that which wish to call into our experience.

Over the coming weeks, there are even more astrological events pushing us through the process of change. Now, for what it’s worth, I am not that into astrology. I’m more of an observer when it comes to the stars and let those with more passion for it keep up with all of the details.

That said, I have learned over time, that knowing when the moon is new or full, Mercury goes retrograde, and a few other things does make living here in this physical world a little easier to navigate.

Prime example is the new moon/full moon cycle. After tracking my moods and sleep patterns, I’ve learned that when the moon is new, I sleep more. I’m *tired* all the time for those few days around a new moon. And when it comes to the full moon, the opposite is true… that’s when the insomnia hits hardest and sleep is hard to find. Some of us are the same, some happen to be flipflopped...others hardly notice.

The good news is that all of this is easy to figure out for yourself. It’s as simple as keeping a diary of your level of tired/ sleep/ rest for 30 days (60 to 90 if you really want to see a pattern), then go back and figure out where the moon was.

What patterns do you see when you reflect back? What do you notice about how your body reacts to different events? Do you need help finding those patterns?