Heather Fein


Heather Fein

Have you ever seen that meme about life throwing curve balls your way, and instead of being upset or thrown off, you yell “plot twist” and move on?

Well that’s happened here.

Here’s what we know:

We know that I, Heather, me, the person writing this, is highly intuitive and connected to the 5D world (I know, I need to come back to writing more about that)

We know that in my sessions work with women, I’m always coming up with suggested tools and rituals to help move through the day to day shit

We know that I believe in going way deeper than most readers go and that most who come to me (for now) are nowhere near ready to hear the messages awaiting them

We also know that I enjoy making things and being creative….

So here’s what’s happening.

I’m retiring readings unless I feel like doing them for fun...because hey, if it’s not fun it’s not worth doing.

I have released a self care journal (two years in the making), I’m taking my soap making hobby and bringing it to life (omg you have to try these), I’m making my own candles, and tons of other products are in the pipeline.

We’re going to work to connect you back to YOU, bring some ritual and magic into your daily lives, and we’re going to make this world a better place….

Because damn it’s sure gotten dark out there.

Stay tuned folks, the only way from here is UP!