Heather Fein

The Quiet Before Awakening

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She was once wild and free...
The life of the party, the fun, fearless, sultry dancer who fluttered about like an elegant hummingbird. Always pushing for more. More adventure. More exploring. More passion. She had a magical force pulling people and good fortune towards her always.

Until the day the music stopped.

Her world shattered and the weight of it all poured over her like the falls of Niagara. As she looked out around her, there was no one to be found. No one there to offer a towel, a branch, a kind word.

And then, when those she longed for realized everyone had left her side, she had already gone too far downstream for anyone to reach her. So there she was a drift and a lone with help receding on the horizon. It didn’t take long for hopelessness to set in.

Death was imminent.

And she found herself climbing inside the recesses of her own mind. With no one around she went deeper and deeper within. Until one day, the girl who once was life was gone. All that remained was a shell of a person, merely a shadow upon the world.

Hopelessly adrift, her head bobbing just about water. Eventually she saw a man on the banks of the river offering a magical potion. Handing it to her saying, “drink this, you’ll regain your strength.” So she did, and she did.

Finding herself laying on the banks of the shore, she rested. While she felt stronger, she still wept in silence for she missed her friends and longed for her family.