Heather Fein

Ode to cup number 2

Heather FeinComment

The first cup is the giver of life, the necessity of movement
But you second cup, you are the giver of mission and purpose
You, number 2, bring the umph to my day, the spring in my step
Although you come after cup number one, you are truly why I get anything done
Being first may seem like the ultimate goal, that could not be less true
Second place is the momentum
number 2 is the gusto to deal with the world

A few days ago, this random bit of love for the second cup of coffee fell out.  The more I've thought about it, the more this applies to life. 

Not everyone can come in first place, or be the first person to do a thing.  This does not mean, however, that because you weren't first you are any less important.  

Find the lessons those pioneers have to offer, and make your similar thing that much better.  Apply your vision to their work and viola, something new, better, and all your own is born.