Heather Fein

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Heather FeinComment

The Darkness is coming… actually, to be more fair, it has always been here.  However, many have turned their backs to it, as if it were something that could be ignored or illuminated beyond.

Without darkness there is no light. Without life there is no death. Without pain there is no joy.

We can no longer walk this earthly realm and see only one side of things, and we most certainly cannot deny the existence of one or the other.

Along the way many of us have been taught that there is good and evil and one must prevail over the other.  Yet, when we look around, it is obvious they are two sides to the same coin.  They are the Yin and the Yang, the male and the female, the up and the down.

It is the contrast between the two, light and dark, that space in between the extremes where life exists. That space where we stretch and breath and find the edges of what guides us.  That space where we make our choices and suffer the consequences/ reap the rewards.

It is not an either or proposition. It is what is.

Both are in equal parts, both are necessary components to our earthly experience.

To heal the wounds, we must tackle them head first. We do not have the luxury of ignorance to the pain and suffering that has taken place. (and let’s face it, mankind has produced quite a bit of suffering throughout the millennium) And until we stop causing more suffering, the suffering will not end.

A few years ago I stopped saying “love and light” because frankly it’s bullshit. What the fuck is “love and light”? What does that even mean? We can send love, we can shine light, but what are you trying to say here?

Darkness is not eroded by light. Darkness does not end with light. Darkness is a constant...the same as light. You can aim light in different directions, and light does not end. (which, is why science uses light to measure space/time, but that’s another discussion for a different time)

What can you do today to honor the darkness? Are you even willing to see it? Darkness is all around us. It is time we give it the same love we have given the light.