Heather Fein

Death, the Eclipse, and the days ahead

Heather Fein

Have you noticed the number of celebrity deaths over the last few days? While most were much later in age, 70’s and above, there does seem to be a string of them happening. (thankfully not as tragic as what 2016 brought us) And it seems that death is coming to those who were our voices in the past, from comedians and game show hosts, to writers, radio hosts, and journalist.

The space between the lunar eclipse back on August 7th and the solar eclipse on August 21st has been referred to by many as a “portal”. The two week space in time where energy and power is shifting. Even if you have tried to deny it, it’s happening (like climate change).

This portal has shown us many dark things we have tried to deny time and time again.  The darkness in the United States certainly made itself known to even the most adamant of deniers. Even Doreen Virtue has renounced “new-ageism” in favor of being “born again” Christian, showing tens of thousands of her followers (whom she’s made millions from) the charlatan that she is.

My guess is that there are those in your direct personal life that also seem to be showing their true nature recently too. From red flags in relationships, to deeper connections with friends and acquaintances, all is being revealed.

This time between eclipses is the perfect time for letting go of old hurts and beliefs; for putting down the past and making room for the next phase of our life.

Here are a few things you can still do to take full advantage of this energy window:

  1. Write down all of the hurts and shit from the past that no longer serves you, take it outside and burn it. Make it is as extortionate or simple as you like, detailed or not does not matter. Envision the issue becoming ashes and blowing to the winds, leaving its presence from your life. In the words of Elsa, “let it go”.

  2. Spend some time reflecting on where you are in life and where you want to be.  What’s working for you? What’s working against you? Are the people around you those you have chosen or have they gotten there by default? Are there some it is time to leave behind? Some you wish to become closer to? Is it time for a career change?

  3. Get creative. Do something *fun* and expressive. Paint, draw, write, dance, it doesn’t really matter what.  Just get that creative energy flowing. The more we keep it bottled up there more it festers inside us. And anything festering is never good for long.

The most important point of all, above all else, remember to get outside and enjoy the day. Even if you don’t buy into all this “energy stuff”, don’t sit inside and ignore it all. (weather permitting of course) If it’s shitty or cloudy or you’re stuck at your cubicle, find a live stream.  Allow yourself to be distracted from the chaos around you for even a tiny bit.

And if you need help or guidance through this process, I’m always here to help.