Heather Fein

Time of Transformation

Heather FeinComment

Transformation is all around us. The next several months are all about “out with the old”. This past weekend was a new moon. New moon’s are when we plant the seeds of our intentions for the coming period...sometimes weeks, others months. This is about being clear of our goals and that which wish to call into our experience.

Over the coming weeks, there are even more astrological events pushing us through the process of change. Now, for what it’s worth, I am not that into astrology. I’m more of an observer when it comes to the stars and let those with more passion for it keep up with all of the details.

That said, I have learned over time, that knowing when the moon is new or full, Mercury goes retrograde, and a few other things does make living here in this physical world a little easier to navigate.

Prime example is the new moon/full moon cycle. After tracking my moods and sleep patterns, I’ve learned that when the moon is new, I sleep more. I’m *tired* all the time for those few days around a new moon. And when it comes to the full moon, the opposite is true… that’s when the insomnia hits hardest and sleep is hard to find. Some of us are the same, some happen to be flipflopped...others hardly notice.

The good news is that all of this is easy to figure out for yourself. It’s as simple as keeping a diary of your level of tired/ sleep/ rest for 30 days (60 to 90 if you really want to see a pattern), then go back and figure out where the moon was.

What patterns do you see when you reflect back? What do you notice about how your body reacts to different events? Do you need help finding those patterns?