Heather Fein

After the Storm

Heather Fein

Interesting little something I've learned over the last week and may pertain to anyone impacted by these storms.

Barometric pressure does strange things to the body and emotions.

I'm sure you've heard people saying they can feel a storm coming. Or seen animals acting strange when the weather makes a sudden shift.

Well, our bodies go through the exact same thing.

If you’ve been more irritable than usual

If you’ve had more aches and pains than you’re used to

If you’re feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or overall plain off….

First of all, you’re so not alone in feeling that way

Secondly, normal (what the hell ever that actually is) is coming back to us. Slowly, but it is returning.

I’m here to say to you… it will all make sense soon. Those things you’ve been questioning, those odd feelings in the gut, those random but not random signs… their meaning is coming.

And if you need help figuring it out, or want some clarity around it, drop me a note or schedule a session and we’ll see what we can pull together.