Heather Fein

Time Has No Meaning

Heather Fein

Time has no meaning.

Let me say that again.

Time has no meaning.

Time as we know it here in the 3D world is an arbitrary unit of measure.  That is it. Nothing more nothing less.  Much like an inch or a foot or a meter, time is a way to measure distance and space.

Now I know, the electric company sure likes to remind us of how much time we have until they want money. So does the credit card company, the water company, your employer… almost everything we do here on planet Earth is related to a clock.

The atomic clock measures the distance of space between a constant event. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks… all units of measure.

In the 5D realm, where energy rules, time has no relevance. 5D beings do not have an understand or use for time. It is useless once you get to that dimension.

I hear you reading this… “what the actual fuck crazy lady!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

Don’t worry, I’ll post more about this 3D world/ 5D realm stuff in the coming weeks. I promise. It makes sense once you can see it. Short version, energy workers/healers (psychics, card readers, mystics, oracles, etc) all tap into this 5D energy to get our information.

What does this mean for you?

Well it means sometimes the information we get doesn’t fit into our idea of time.

Sometimes what feels like it is happening soon (whatever that really means) is further off than gets interrupted.

And sometimes, it happens to more than one of us at a time.

I have had a lot of private and semi-private conversations lately with other seers… and we are *all* saying the same thing. The information we’ve gotten for the last 6 months or so seemed to be ‘off’ in the terms of time and timing. It’s like there has been some strange logjam in the energy fields.

Don’t worry though, this logjam seems to be breaking up, albeit a bit slower than most of us would like.

Have patience (yes, I laugh at this too), the things you’ve been wanting or been told are coming are still in the works. The Universe has a sense of humor and is working out the details. And the more we can relax the sooner it will all happen.