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Dude... where the fuck did you go?

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Hey gang... it's me, Heather. 

I know you haven't really heard from me in a while. You must be wondering wtf I went. Me too! Seriously... I knew I'd taken some time away, did not realize it's been since October since you've heard from me.

Well, let me fill you in a bit.

The first week of November we moved (yes again, we'd just moved in August), and had an event that I was vending soaps at that I had to finish preparing for. I think I made something like 500 bars of soap over the course of 10 days. Needless to say, that about did me in. There were a couple of small injuries that happened as well. 

After that came the holidays. The first without mom around. Between all of the hectic hurry up that happened with the move and the vendor event, I gave myself permission (see last post about permission slips) to sit down and just 'be' through December. After that much go go go, a break was most definitely warranted. I also spent a bunch of time decluttering, in the physical sense of stuff, and the electronic sense of 'friends', groups, and email lists. December was akin to the great purge

Like most of you, I had big plans for January. I was going to get all my stuff wrapped up and finished and put out there and hit the new year running.

Until I didn't. The podcast still hasn't started recording (though it is still in the works). The quarterly subscription box filled with three months worth of soaps and a journal isn't launched yet. The post that I've been working on in my head are still right there in my head too. 

Here we are now SIX days into February and I'm just now getting this year started. 

Don't worry though, I'm back, I'm here, and I'm committed to bringing you the insights and lessons that have been promised. 

Buckle up buttercups...momma's back!