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It's not always rainbows and butterflies

Heather Fein

One of the (many) reasons I’ve resisted sharing my intuitive gifts is because I’ve been afraid of having to tell people something shitty is coming. The downside to being in tune with the Universe, is how easy it is to see an oncoming train.

I know when shitty things are going to happen, sometimes with details, often times without.

When you ask me what I see for you, for your loved ones, for your business, for your relationships, it makes me nervous.  There is nothing worse than telling a client no, it’s not the right time/ thing/ person/ situation for you.  I take that back, there is one thing worse, it’s when they ask in public.

I do my best to be tactful. Truly I do.

And I make the assumption (yea, I know...that makes an ass out of u and me) that you are enough of an adult to take the input as an honest answer.

As an empath and a very caring person, the last thing I want to do is tell you that which you do not wish to hear. When my feet hit the floor in the morning, my purpose is to spread joy and happiness, not break hearts.

When you ask the question, I do my best to find the best possible answer.  But yanno… the reality is, when you ask questions, you most likely already know the answer.  Sometimes, you’re not ready to hear it… and that is OK.

My monthly clients have the benefit of being helped through that process.  They have access to me at pretty much any time.  Which translates into assistance easing through those transition points in life.  They get a tool kit sent to them monthly with the herbs, candles, soaps, rituals, and crystals they need to flow from where they are to where they are going. Imagine facing the most turbulent times in your life with a guide showing you where to and not to step.

Ode to cup number 2

Heather FeinComment

The first cup is the giver of life, the necessity of movement
But you second cup, you are the giver of mission and purpose
You, number 2, bring the umph to my day, the spring in my step
Although you come after cup number one, you are truly why I get anything done
Being first may seem like the ultimate goal, that could not be less true
Second place is the momentum
number 2 is the gusto to deal with the world

A few days ago, this random bit of love for the second cup of coffee fell out.  The more I've thought about it, the more this applies to life. 

Not everyone can come in first place, or be the first person to do a thing.  This does not mean, however, that because you weren't first you are any less important.  

Find the lessons those pioneers have to offer, and make your similar thing that much better.  Apply your vision to their work and viola, something new, better, and all your own is born.

The Quiet Before Awakening

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She was once wild and free...
The life of the party, the fun, fearless, sultry dancer who fluttered about like an elegant hummingbird. Always pushing for more. More adventure. More exploring. More passion. She had a magical force pulling people and good fortune towards her always.

Until the day the music stopped.

Her world shattered and the weight of it all poured over her like the falls of Niagara. As she looked out around her, there was no one to be found. No one there to offer a towel, a branch, a kind word.

And then, when those she longed for realized everyone had left her side, she had already gone too far downstream for anyone to reach her. So there she was a drift and a lone with help receding on the horizon. It didn’t take long for hopelessness to set in.

Death was imminent.

And she found herself climbing inside the recesses of her own mind. With no one around she went deeper and deeper within. Until one day, the girl who once was life was gone. All that remained was a shell of a person, merely a shadow upon the world.

Hopelessly adrift, her head bobbing just about water. Eventually she saw a man on the banks of the river offering a magical potion. Handing it to her saying, “drink this, you’ll regain your strength.” So she did, and she did.

Finding herself laying on the banks of the shore, she rested. While she felt stronger, she still wept in silence for she missed her friends and longed for her family.

Snark is Keeping You Stuck

Heather Fein

Dear Friend…

I see you on the struggle bus so desperately wanting to get off.

I see you sitting there wondering why you are not getting the wins and successes you are so desperately deserving.

I see you watching other people making the leap from nothing to everything they’ve dreamed of.

I see you tearing yourself apart trying to pay the bills, get the recognition your talent deserves, and break into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I see you broken, depressed, and bordering hopeless.

I see you trying different ways of healing, trying all of the ‘tricks’ to get unstuck, and doing all of the “right things”.

And yet, it feels like nothing you do is working. How can law of attraction be real if I’m feeling my way to better thoughts and still broke? How can I be so left behind? How is it possible for all of my “friends” to be so blind to things and not see that this stuff actually works?

(you’re not going to like this next part and I’m not going to apologize for what there is to say)

Are you ready?

Are you truly open to the key to it all?

Are you grounded enough to understand the words that are about to hit your soul in the gut?


That’s it.

That’s the key.

That’s the one last piece you’re missing in all of it.

When we allow the snark to come through ALL THE TIME, we are choking ourselves off from the joy and beauty around us.  Allow me to explain:

It’s oh so very easy to take a stunning photo, have a delicious meal, experience great joy, and dismiss it with snark.  “Oh, look at this awful view I experience every day on my way to work” you say. “Oh, darn, this fresh fish is so disgusting, such a rough life I have eating so healthy” you comment as you share a photo of a delightful dinner.  

You know you’re being sarcastic. Those around you know you’re being sarcastic. Everyone knows you’re being sarcastic.  And yet, your subconscious cannot make the distinction. The energetic pull of the words you choose to speak are repelling the beautiful drive, the delicious meal, the simply joys and pleasures around you.

This is the gratitude piece that we all talk about, but miss the mark on. This is where it matters.

This is where we say, “thank you for a beautiful drive every day to my shitty day job”. Please, may I have more of this view and less of the job?

This is where we say, “thank you for a delicious piece of steak, please may I have more meals as yummy with other selections.”

This is where we say, “thank you for the blessings of sweet cuddles with my child/pet/loved one, may I please have more time like this.”

We can make all of the gratitude lists we want, but until we are truly grateful for every experience, every moment, every little thing (as in all of the things), we will not receive more of them.

That’s it my dear friend. That’s the key that has been eluding you all of this time.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are loved.

And you are more than deserving of everything your heart (and mind) desire.

CIA Mind Control, Really?

Law of Attraction, LOAHeather Fein

Over the course of the last few days, there have been several discussions about Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, and the CIA.  The general synopsis is that “the CIA created Abraham and is using ‘them’ for mind control”.  And I have been amazed by the number of people jumping on to the idea because “law of attraction never worked” for them.

Of course there have been plenty of people jumping on the bandwagon of teaching LoA. And with that the concepts have been twisted, changed, and perverted.  It has definitely become the fad/ cool /hipster /hippie chick/ incrowd way of “being” and those who ‘get it’ certainly seem to be making major changes in their lives.

But then there are those who it seems to have left behind…. feeling their way into more dispair, more not receiving, more and more distrust and bewilderment.

I sooo understand that hurt, anger, and mistrust.  Been there done that.

But here’s the thing. Law of Attraction is *not* some made up, new age concept.  It is not a conspiracy by the CIA to “control and manipulate” you into not caring about politics, or poverty, or crimes against humanity. It is truly part of physics and quantum mechanics.  The scientist are proving it (see String Theory and more posts in the future about this).

There is not some great “experiment” to keep you from being WOKE (well there is FOXNews and the GOP, but again...different discussion).

The truth of the matter is if you believe LoA is bullshit, then you’re going to experience more to support your theory. Which is truly the great paradox of LoA.

If you believe that all “rich people are shitty” then you’re going to see more rich people being shitty. Which is part of this paradox.

If you believe that this “New Age mombojumbo” is bullshit, you’re going to experience more new age mumbojumbo bullshit.  Which is part of this fucking paradox.

At what point are you going to stop looking for someone to blame because your life isn’t going the way you want it to?