Heather Fein

Momma Flux's Soaps

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A few years ago, I asked Spirit/Universe for a 'hobby' I could sell. I love being crafty and making things, but there are only so many places to unload mediocre artwork, crocheted/knitted stuff, and basic crafter level beadwork. After doing some digging around the interwebz, I came across the idea of handcrafted soap. 

Homemade beauty items have been sweeping the internet by storm. Daily you'll see a video of someone making a face mask, bath bomb, bath salts, or even your own cosmetics. One quick browse around Etsy or Pinterest lands you on a million different ideas and creators. It's easy to be overwhelmed by what so many people are doing out there.

Without getting too far into the rabbit hole of regulations when it comes to the handcrafted market, making soap was an obvious choice. It's consumable, it's something we all use on a regular basis, and if I'm not in love with a batch or some of it doesn't sell...my family will use it up. This was a win-win-win kind of decision.

And, it turns out, I'm pretty damn good at this. Once I got my basic formula down, I started playing around with adding energetic intentions to my batches. From grounding to settling frayed nerves, using the right combination of color and scent, my bars are unlike any others on the market (that I know of).

The other benefit of having soap with reiki and magical intentions embedded in it...self care gets to be part of the daily routine and no longer for "when there is time". For way too many of us, taking a long bubble bath sounds great, but between physical limitations and available time, it can be horribly impractical. However, when we are in the shower, taking a minute or so to tune into yourself and connect to source can really make your day better. 

The types of soaps I regularly sell are centered around grounding, self love, calming, the solar plexus and sacral chakra, as well as protection and attraction.