Heather Fein

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Life is beautiful, but we ALL experience it’s painful realities at one point of time or another.  

In today’s world women have become stronger, braver, and more badass than we’ve ever been! We’re going after our dreams, creating our own opportunities, expecting (and demanding) more, giving more and doing more!

We’re resourceful and resilient, there isn’t much that can keep us down. If it does, it sure isn’t for long!

When we hit an experience like a rough divorce, losing a career, death, disappointment, failure, missed opportunities, or any other life altering issue, we take quick action to work through it. Then we think we’re healed we move on with our lives assuming everything is ok!


Is it though?



In my experience working with my clients I’ve seen what hides behind these so-called “resolved” issues. What you might feel is resolved might actually not be even close to resolved. A great way to know is if you experience bouts (even small ones) of anger, sadness, fear, grief, confusion, self-sabotage, guilt, shame etc.


For instance,

Maybe you’ll be talking about your ex and suddenly you feel a deep bubbling sense of anger and resentment in your gut, that feeling stays with you for hours or days.

Maybe you’ll see a picture of a loved one who passed a few years ago and suddenly you fill up with a real sense of grief and sadness, you start questioning what you could have done differently.

Maybe you think about how you failed your last business launch or squandered an opportunity and you’re making decisions that sabotage your success because subconsciously you believe you’ll fail again.


Listen, we all have these dark shadows that find and follow us. It’s time to stop hiding within them, step out of your past and into REAL healing!


Readings & Rituals Package


How would it feel to not only have support to talk about these issues, but a personalized ritual to help clear out the negative energies that have attached to you?

In my Readings & Rituals Package, I’ll work with you over 3 deeply personal 1:1 60-minute sessions where I’ll help you YOU find the hurt, the anger, the old shit that's been following you around and together we’ll dig it up, rip it out of the closet, and heal it!


We’ll find the dark spaces and fill it with true forgiveness, joy, and enthusiasm for life!


There’s more….

What exactly do you get with my Readings & Rituals Package?

  • We’ll start with an in-depth reading, I’ll use both my intuition and card decks to pull out any glaring issues that might be hindering your emotions, progress in life, or mental perspective. We’ll also discuss what you feel is creating these issues. You’ll receive a full recording of the reading!

  • Next, I’ll prepare a custom ritual for you. This includes the creation of a Ritual Box which is 100% custom tailored to the specific issues discussed in our 1st session. Each box will contain up to $75 worth of ritualistic materials that will include crystals, herbs, candles, and a personalized guide book on how to use each item in your box during your clearing ritual! (Please note those who have allergies or a dislike to specific herbs, plants, flowers, or smells will need to discuss this with me so I can make sure your box is safe and pleasurable to use)

  • Next, we’ll have our 2nd session where I’ll explain exactly what you’ll do during your cleaning ritual, the guide book will help but I want you to get the very most out of your experience so this session is to answer any questions, address concerns, and clarify what each ritual will do for you! You can also choose to utilize this session during your ritual if you feel more comfortable with me on there with you!

  • Lastly, we’ll have our 3rd session 1 day up to 1 week later where we can discuss your ritual results, how you feel now, answer any questions, and what if anything you’d like additional need help with!


Are You Ready to Unlock Magic Healing?

To stop holding on to, and allow your past emotions to run your life?

To move forward with clarity, confidence, and courage?



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