Heather Fein

There is an entire Universe at play, every day.

Find the answers that the Universe keeps playing with. Navigate the waters of life and gain ultimate clarity on the why and wherefore of reaching your goals. 

Together, we’ll work to develop the clearest vision and steps to your life’s most precious goals...without guessing or shooting in the dark.

If you’re looking for the neighborhood friendly psychic, you’ll need to go three doors down and to the left. I’m hellbent on truth, even if it stings a little.

Come to me with your deepest questions.

Ask me about those dark thoughts that are lingering in the depth of your soul.

Dare to go beyond the superficial world around you and find meaning to your life.

Get the messages you need to hear.

When we need coddled or held, we go to our loved ones.

When we need to learn new skills, we find teachers.

When we need to see for ourselves, we go to our visionaries.

We take responsibility for the blessing in our lives. We begin to own our past, our missteps, our hiccups. We begin to see the turning points. And we begin to form the foundation for the lives we were sent here to live.

Do not feel guilty as you awaken. Some people are first to get the latest toy/car/gadget - some get insights first.
This is the opening of a different way of walking through life.

This is the window into another realm that your soul has been asking for. 
This is where someone helps you walk through the deep questions floating around your life.

This is where we find the connections of everything in your life.

And that is where life is... 



And all the things you’ve been wishing for await

We’ll gather twice a month, live via phone or video chat. We’ll talk about what’s happening what’s working, what is not.  We'll peer into the crystal ball to see what we can see. We’ll look at the moon and the stars and see if anything is having an impact.

Most of all, we’ll work together to balance life while building your connection to spirit creating harmony in the daily grind.

First and foremost, my reading with Heather was a blast. She’s so down to earth and fun that you forget you’re getting a reading and think you’re just chatting about life with a girlfriend. She even delivers the information the same way you would expect a trusted friend to deliver it. Straightforward, to the point, with love and humor attached.

As a former reader, I don’t recommend other readers often...Heather is one of the few. Get a reading with her. You’ll be glad you did.
— Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer

This is for women who are looking to find that missing piece of their self. For women who are searching for a trusted advisor, with her best interest at heart (not the kids, not the job, not the insurance company). This is for the woman inside of you longing to escape the weights the world has placed on your shoulders. This is for the woman dreaming of a closer connection to whatever all this spiritual mumbo jumbo is about, sans the liberal hippie label. This is for the woman needing practical solutions to the chaos surrounding her.


Curious? You know you are, I’ve seen you scrolling past the “freebie” readings in social *wink wink*

Mother hounding you about kids again and you don’t even know if you like this dude, much less want to marry him? 

The whispers in your ears are your guides, but you can’t quite make out what they are trying to say. 

Whatever your situation..."This reading won't tie you to contracts and monthly support, this is literally a read and run! 

Well, almost...

We'll connect for an hour or so to look behind the curtains, examine the view, evaluate the path, and prepare you for the next phases of your journey

THEN you can run. 

But I don't think you'll run far because most people come back again and again.

We’ll meet for about 90 minutes on video via Zoom and see what messages are waiting for you.

These readings are good for when you need answers to one specific issue currently plaguing your psyche.

You’ll leave our meeting with actionable steps to take and some suggested tools/resources. 

All calls are recorded for your convenience and will be sent to you after the call. 

Heather and I did a reading and I was a bit unsure what it would be like. We reviewed my situations and the first thing I noticed was her ability to “zoom in” on what mattered most. Her input about the situations was right on. So what did this do for me? It took my fog state into more clarity and helped me put things in the right order of priority. That probably saved me six months of wasted time. Then when she explained the meaning of the cards, it only reinforced what she had naturally observed. The additional points of insights from the cards were very useful, especially a warning and a distinction that changed the way I looked at something that turned out to be extremely important. Beyond all that, she’s a joy to be with which makes the time something to look forward to. I’ll consult her again and I’m glad to know where she is.
— Sandy Parker

When I learned Heather was reading tarot cards, I was more than interested to have a reading done by her. I have been having questions about some of the shifting dynamics in my family relationships, and really just wanted some support in navigating my way or some reassurance that the situation wasn’t as bad as my imagined scenario. When Heather sent a photo of the cards she had pulled during our time together, they didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but as she explained the names of each one and the meaning and the interrelationship between the cards as a whole, it was amazing as it was so clear and meaningful. I found the experience helpful because it affirmed what I already felt in my own intuition but needed a little reassurance or push to follow through with. I would definitely be in touch with Heather for future readings, and also recommend her to others.
— Laura DaGrossa